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Pack History

Post by Vertilis on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:46 pm

The history of Malicious Authenticity started when one clan became something they never thought was possible.

The clan, named Zakui Clan, was a small clan that dwelled on the side of the a grand river, which was called Yellow River at the time. The clan followed simple traditions, superstitions, respectful ways, and was small and peaceful.
However in the land around them, a war was breaking out between two pack families. The Starkpaws vs The Steelefangs. Both families were known around to be very highly honored and prideful, the clan's land was caught between the two's stubborn ways and violent natures. But they were unaware of this, until one night.
Parties form both packs raided the clan, fighting until pack alpha's broke it off. They came up with a malicious truce. All clan member's who lived on the left side of the clan belonged to Starkpaw, while those on the right to Steelefang. The clan was broken up, and so were families. Mothers would never see pups, fathers would never see sons, and so forth.

This continued for awhile. Until secret meetings were held by clan elders and leaders decided on one thing: Reunion was key. The clan had to be reunited, and it had to relocate. But for that to happen, plans were developed and eventually the clan earned their freedom by killing their guards then reuniting in the forest.

But something changed in the members, their new beliefs and views quickly brought the clan into a civil war among blood. But the leader, Kohin, rose up against the noise and shouted. 'Can't you see what happens whens we separate, when we let others control us! We cannot keep to old traditions, for they are tearing us apart, new ones must be built!' And with that declare, the clan settled the differences with new, stern, laws and traditions. Along with this have also settled in a new home, and a new name.....Malicious Authenticity.

This pack is based on the new traditions, laws, and territory of the clan in its newer generations. Can you survive the new set laws and way, or will you die by rebellion?

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