Ranks and Rp rules

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Ranks and Rp rules

Post by Vertilis on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:03 pm

Basic idea: There is no room for outsiders, unless taken up with the alpha directly. And said outsider will have to prove their worth to the pack. The pack is rather shady, and does not socialize with many others and keep to themselves.


Literacy- Must have at least a paragraph in rp. No text talk either, rp of course and some is allowed OOC. Wolfspeak is allowed, but please note that not everyone uses and knows it. So be considerate.

Activity: We understand that not all of us can be on daily. But at least try to be one once or twice a week. If you can't, leave us a note telling why. Any unexcused absences will result in a kick form the group.

Autohitting/Autododging- Not tolerated, will be warned, but after a while you will be kicked.

Godmod/powerplay- Same goes form autohits and auotdodges.

Powers and weapons- No powers, weapons, or unfair advantages. Immortality is welcomed by death has to be a option(Either by illness or injury, immortal age is fine but health is not)

Mate begging- Just don't do this, no one likes it, just don't. You will be warned and eventually kicked if so.

Cursing- It is allowed, just don't over do it.

Slaves- Slaves are not fully beaten or killed, but they are on tight lockdown and punishment is not hesitant for breaking this.

Killing- No killing without the person's permission.

Mating- Do it in whisper or party, not in local or group. Must be consensual, no mating is allowed with slaves period.

Character limit- Two characters per user.

Ranks and tags:

Bosses: Overseer of all the pack, first to know about rivalries, allies, outsiders, and in-pack problems. Their word is law and shall not be challenged, death may be the result. Allowed mates and pups, unlimited. (2 max) (B)

Sharks: Second in command, second to know of problems and those problems should be reported to alpha and discussed with. Their word is law when the Boss is not around, demotion may be the result or physical punishment. Allowed mates and pups, limited to five pups. (2 max) (MS)

Isangomas/Surgeon- Healers. First to know about injuries and how to treat them after wars or spars. Not allowed mates or pups. (5 max) (MI/MSl)

Dealers/Hitman- Assassins of the pack, responsible to take out wanted canines or threats to the family's way of life. Allowed mates but no pups unless given permission. (10 max) (MD/MH)

Troops/General- Fighters of the pack, they also guard the pack form outsiders. Two jobs in one. Allowed mates but no pups unless given permission. (13 max) (MT/MG)

Trappers/Woodsman- Simply, just hunters. They hunt for the pack and also patrol borders while at it. Allowed mates but no pups unless given permission. (12 max) (MTl, MW)

Den Mother: Watches over all pups and protects during times of violence. Allowed a mate but no pups for their job is to watch them, not have them. (6 max) (MDM)

Elders: Wisdom passed down form years of experience, most old in the pack and should be highly respected. (ME)

Pups- The youngest of the pack, and must be protected. Pups born of Bosses are extremely watched and taken care of. (Mp, MB.)

Slaves- Slaves of war or trade, the lowest rank. Must follow master's order without fight. Scapegoats, ect. Rank can be used as a punishment rank. Any found out mates or pups are killed on sight. (s)

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