Pack Law and Punishments

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Pack Law and Punishments

Post by Vertilis on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:24 pm


Pack Law can be changed by the Boss at any given chance if it is necessary for the pack's survival or total outcome. These Laws are to be followed or various punishments will be given.

1. Never speak the Boss's name to outsiders. Address him/her as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' unless speaking to allies.
2. Trespassers shall be questioned severely and if needed, escorted out of the borders and watched until they leave. If violence breaks loose, there is permission to kill. Give the trespasser time to explain what they are doing on the land, don't jump to conclusions.
3. Any not permitted pups will be killed or abandoned, as the Bloodline is determined by choice of the Boss not by nature.
4. Challenging the Law will result in a physical punishment, demotion, or death depending on the severity.
5. Breaking the law will result in death, and physical punishment.
6. Sharing information about the pack or associating with outsiders beyond pack alliance will result in death.
7. Traitors will be marked for death, and not a drop of mercy is given.
8. Outsiders wishing to join must go through hard trial and challenges to prove their worth, loyalty, and to gain trust.
9. Killing or harming of the Boss's young will result in death, and if you manage to escape, you will be marked for death and hunted down.
10. Always live by the laws, or die by your own rebellious choice.


1. Death: Surrounded and killed by the members, or by the Boss. Any retaliation will only make your death more painful.
2. Physical punishment: A scar, fracture of bones, breaking or bones, a simple bite, ect.
3. Demotion: Loss of rank, sent to Slave rank for up to a week or three days depending on the situation.

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