Earning high ranks

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Earning high ranks

Post by Vertilis on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:13 am

Ranks next to Boss and Shark take hard work to earn,  and are a heavy load to handle. They are in charge of training and so much more. Sharks are chose by Bosses, which is why they are not listed here.

Surgeon- High medical experience, patient, and a steady paw. Being the Lead takes all these things, and more! To acquire this rank one must complete 12 training courses or attend two serious medical emergencies along with aid in them. In charge of training Insangomas and more.

Hitman- Immense stealth, skill, and power are required for this rank. One must have killed over four targets with expert work, and over 10 training courses. In charge of training Dealers and more.

General- Tactics, war experience, level head, ect. These are some of the requirements for General. One must win at least three spars against formidable opponents, have experience in war or some type of warfare, ect. In charge of leading Troopers into battle and training troops, also advising the Boss and Shark.

Woodsman- Good tracking senses, hunting strategies, ect. One must have led over seven successful hunts with evidence to show this. In charge of leading hunting parties, hunting game, and working out plans before hunts, ect.

All promotions MUST be approved by the Boss.

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