Boss Vertilis bio

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Boss Vertilis bio

Post by Vertilis on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:38 am

Name: Vertilis Moray.

Gender: Female.

Age: Immortal. (Can't die for age but can die form illness, injury, ect.)

Species: Noden Monster.

Height: A wolf is around 2.78871 feet tall, thats 85 cm. Usually their 80 or 85 cm. Vertilis is just a foot taller than a wolf.

S.O: Bisexual.

Status: Single.

Likes: Cold weather, fishing, swimming, music, exploring, running(Sometimes), sparring, sweets, science, German culture, ect.

Dislikes: Bullying, snobby creatures, rudeness, ect.

Personality: Quiet and shy to strangers or around groups. Loud, playful, and weird with comrades/pack also uses profanity. Harsh, cold, and verbally sharp towards enemies.

*Usually is only affectionate to trusted comrades. Expresses her affection by many gifts and sometimes physical contact like cuddles or hugs. Is also very protective of these comrades as well.

*Has comrades, but most she doesn't trust. She will not reveal who she trust and doesn't trust.

*She gets paranoid easily, but tries not to let it show unless it gets the best of her. Also has fears of abandonment.

*She can hiss and purr like a cat, is more cat-like then canine.

*Any remarks regarding her grandmother will result in violence.

*Has violent urges at times, hardly acts on them unless provoked.

*Satchel is around her neck and only comes off when it needs to be. Inside of it are two empty test tubes covered in cloth for protection, a skull of a enemy, and her grandmother's ring. She also uses it to bring gifts to her comrades.

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